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◊ Project title: Comparative and temporal constructions in French Sign Language (LSF)

◊ Project title: Complex structures in adults with ASD: a syntactic assessment of a neurodiverse population featuring comprehension, structural priming, and production

◊ Project title: The nature of island constraints: a behavioral, neurophysiological and computational investigation

◊ Project title: Agreement and tense processing in adult second-language (L2) learning

◊ Project title: Morphophonological and syntactic processing in children with dyslexia and children learning to read in their L2

◊ Project title: Learning mechanisms underlying the acquisition of grammatical phrase structure in infancy

2013 - Lucia Pozzan

◊ Project title: Executive functions and sentence processing in second language acquisition
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◊ Project title: Acquisition of near-reflexivity
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◊ Project title: Syntactic processing in child first and second language acquisition
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◊ Project title: An MEG investigation of intensionality in sentece processing
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◊ Project title: Processing and acquisition of logical operators and quantifiers in natural languages
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◊ Project title: The processing of clitic pronouns in adult L2 learners of spanish: from agrammatic aphasia to adult second language acquistition
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