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Nuovo bando per il conferimento di un assegno di ricerca per supportare l'attività di giovani ricercatori all'estero: Download


2016 - Cilibrasi Luca

◊ Project title: Morphophonological and syntactic processing in children with dyslexia and children learning to read in their L2

2016 - Santolin Chiara

◊ Project title: Learning Mechanisms Underlying the Acquisition of Grammatical Phrase Structure in Infancy

2013 - Lucia Pozzan

◊ Project title: Executive functions and sentence processing in second language acquisition
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2013 - Valentina Brunetto

◊ Project title: Acquisition of Near-Reflexivity
download project

◊ Project title: Syntactic processing in child first and second language acquisition
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2010 - Francesca Delogu

◊ Project title: An Meg Investigation of Intensionality in Sentece Processing
download project

◊ Project title: Processing and acquisition of logical operators and quantifiers in natural languages
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◊ Project title: The processing of clitic pronouns in adult l2 learners of spanish: from agrammatic aphasia to adult second language acquistition
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